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What is your motive for offering the TIGERS Team Survey online?

TIGERS Success Series, Inc. has developed one of the most accurate, cooperation-focused group survey systems for monitoring group norms, behavior and the stages of a team’s development process – over time. Building and maintaining a group is not a one time survey and team intervention event. People and the groups they serve take time to integrate new skills and improved behavior.

Assessing a team right after an intervention will not tell you how much change has occurred. You must wait a reasonable period of time to know whether skills and knowledge gained actually appears as new workforce behavior.

The TIGERS Team Survey is based on research and comprehensive validation and reliability testing over a span of twenty-three + years, and the work is never done. In order to remain current, we continually administer surveys to confirm the accuracy of our findings as we better understand the impact of virtual and global teams composed of people with diverse backgrounds.

By offering this service online, it is our desire to improve the work experience of eight million people globally and we can not do this alone. We know that company Executives can administer and run a survey. We also know that other consultants whose tools they love to use are very compatible with the TIGERS Team Survey system. So why hold it behind closed doors? That makes no sense to us. And it makes no sense to restrict the development of good teams that could be extraordinary.

What types of organizations would benefit from the TIGERS Team Survey?

  • Any intact group of eight or more people
  • Not-for-profit teams
  • Education teams
  • Entrepreneurial start ups
  • Business teams
  • Clubs such as Rotary
  • Church boards
  • Work Departments with eight or more employees
  • Boards of Directors

When it comes to understanding your group’s dynamic, never settle for outdated methods.

How easy is the survey?

The TIGERS Team Survey is a simple, non-threatening, questionnaire composed of 30 questions. It is delivered by email and can be read on both hand-held devices as well as web stations. Survey participants complete the survey privately and when it is completed punch send and it is tabulated along with other surveys for a final group report.

There are also no right or wrong answers. You cannot fail!

Does the survey actually record truthful responses?

No one can control how a person answers any survey. However, the safety of survey participants is very important to us.

No individual survey can be viewed by the Survey Administrator. This is important for two reasons:

  • First, for optimum validity, being truthful and candid is important.
  • Second, the reason the survey is administered to groups of eight people or more is because of confidentiality for those people who return completed surveys.

We do not allow one person and their response to be singled out.

Is my group information ever shared with anyone else?

No! We understand privacy and group anonymity. TIGERS Success Series, Inc. will protect your data, not sell to another party, nor identify any individual responses in the analysis of the study. For further details check out our Privacy Policy or contact us.

How can the survey be viewed?

The survey was designed for FireFox and Google browsers and should work on Internet Explorer, but we think it is best to stay away from Internet Explorer for security reasons. If you are using a new system that we did not program for, we apologize for any variations of screen displays. We are constantly working to improve the survey administration and survey completion process. The report is delivered as a PDF file for both Mac and PC operating systems.

What languages is the survey available in?

The survey is available in English. The reports are in English. As we expand, we expect the survey will be available in other languages and through TIGERS Success Series, Inc.’s Global Master Licensees. We do entertain collaborations with qualified organizations.

What can a TIGERS Team Survey do for an organization?

The TIGERS Team Survey provides information on your team’s opinion of the level of trust, interdependence, genuineness, empathy, risk and success within your team’s dynamic. The resulting report identifies certain behaviors that build or detract from each of the six principles.

There are times when risk, genuineness, and interdependence results suggest a need for a critical thinking and problem solving system that includes a decision process. There are times when success and interdependence point to a need for role and goal clarity.

The most important thing to consider is that each team is unique. There is no cookie-cutter approach to team development. For this reason, having information that suggests just in time team development interventions and training is worth its weight in gold.

The TIGERS Team Survey results also help executives take full advantage of developing teams from a strength-based foundation. It helps leaders laser-focus team development priorities and to understand why their good team is not yet great.

No other system available today offers you more insight, better value or an easier avenue to understand your team’s dynamic. Call us today to talk to our professional team to see how we can help resolve your group’s opportunities for growth and improvement.

  • Assessing department teams for supervisory training and development for future succession planning.
  • Receiving 360 feedback for coaching programs designed for High Potentials.
  • Structuring group norms so cooperation and collaboration between people who work together or assume roles to achieve goals is sustainable and scalable.
  • Increase customer satisfaction because your employees are happier, less stressed by conflict, and enjoy where they work and the people they work with.
  • Build your leadership pipeline, as well as strengthen the team relationships: trust, interdependence, genuineness, empathy, risk resolution and success.
  • Improve communications and productivity.

Can this survey be manipulated?

  • No. Hosting the TIGERS Team Survey on our server leaves its integrity in tact. Each team member’s response is private so no manipulation of data can occur by survey administrators.

Won’t the results differ depending upon the test environment?

No. Once a survey participant receives their survey it stays in their inbox until they acquire the privacy and quiet they know they need to focus.

How does knowing my team’s dynamic help me as a manager?

By knowing what your team’s collective opinions are, you’ll be able to do a better job of:

  • Reinforcing team building on a daily basis.
  • Enriching inter- and intra-departmental team communications.
  • Focus on what matters most to your team members and build or rebuild trust very quickly.
  • Monitor ongoing employee morale, energy levels and stress levels.
  • Know exactly where to stick your finger in the dyke if high turnover is an experience in your department.

How do I get started using the TIGERS Team Survey?

The TIGERS Team Survey underwent many revisions and beta testing before it was made fully available on line. So, survey administration is intuitive with many help screens and a step-by-step process. If you have administered online surveys before, you will enjoy the ease of application.

However, perhaps you would want to start with one survey and determine if you would like technical support to assist you in setting up your survey for the first time. Perhaps you would like a TIGERS coach to interpret findings with you and to bounce your ideas off of. These are options we made available for you. So simply choose the level of service and support you think you need.

The TIGERS Team Survey System will not send surveys to teams of seven people or less. You must have a team of eight people to proceed.

You will be able to import your survey participants by a spreadsheet with first name, last name and email fields.

The set up for your Excel spreadsheet with contact information to be uploaded in the Survey Portal per the following example:

First Name Middle Name LastName Participant Email User Group Name Company Name Department
John Smith Doe Managers XYZ Co. Automotive
Jane Jill Smith Managers XYZ Co Automotive

Tech Support

How do I get technical support?

Our Survey Developer serves as technical support for an additional fee. Simple technical questions are responded to via email to resolve Technical Support issues. We are prompt! And no issue is unimportant to us.

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