Company-Wide Assessment

The TIGERS Workforce Behavioral Profile Company-Wide Assessment is also broken down into departments. This profile measures company culture dynamics and department teams with eight or employees.  The profile reports on employees’ collective opinions on the quality of 6 principles required for high levels of work culture cooperation and high performance department behavior.

The TIGERS six principles are research-based and validated. They are anchored by behaviors that separate high performing teams from those that are not.  The six principles are trust, interdependence, genuineness, empathy, risk and success.

These six principles enhance the success of your own organizational vision, mission and values by strengthening cooperative team behavior that makes team relationships, team roles and goals more successful.

The six principles also shorten the time new teams spend in the stage of team growth called Storming. This is the stage filled with team conflict, misunderstandings, performance hesitation and false starts that cause so many new teams to falter.

When behaviors that support these six principles are present – there are predicable high performance team outcomes. If any one principle is missing or less developed there are predicable problems. Your team’s collective opinion will help you laser-focus your time and resources on what will help your work culture and department dynamics — the most.

It also gives you the information you need to support department managers with coaching or group development improvement initiatives.

The following are a few standard questions most executives ask.

How do survey findings benefit leadership teams?

For executives, the TIGERS Workforce Behavioral Profile provides reliable problem solving information that goes right to the root cause of behavior that is undermining your work culture and taking department employees off target. The profile gives leaders a way to accurately assess what is going on so that the “right” actions can be taken saving time and money. It takes the guess work out of workforce development.

How easy is it to administer a profile?

The TIGERS Workforce Behavioral Profile Web Portal is set up with intuitive processes and a PDF guide that take assessment administrators through the steps of setting up and administering a survey. You can enter the names and email addresses of team members who you would like to take the survey either individually or through a spread sheet. This information is then stored in your own password protected section of the website so no one but you has access to your information. Likewise, there is no need to download software to administer a profile and your employees are assured that their individual responses are confidential.

Then it is easy for you to craft your own message to your employees with our convenient editor to invite them to participate in the profile. Your message is then automatically sent with one keystroke to all your group members through our gold standard email service. In this message you provide them with their own link to take the survey. We recommend that you take 2 weeks to collect their responses.

You will be able to tell who has completed the profile and who you need to send reminders to. With one keystroke these reminders are sent out. You will not be able to view individual responses.

Your team members will be able to take the profile with any handheld or computer station device.

Once 70 percent or more responses are in, you are able to view results. You can print your report when 70 percent or more surveys are completed.

The TIGERS® Workforce Behavioral Profile Report provides a collective response and does not single out individual opinions. It is designed to promote honest employee feedback since 8 or more team members are required to insulate individual employee opinions. The information generated in the report can have profound and lasting effects when your team training and interventions give your team exactly what is needed most.

How much time is required to take the profile?

The profile is 30 multiple choice questions that have been validated through two independent studies over a four year period to be reliable. These 30 questions take 10-15 minutes for each employee to fill out. The link to take the profile is delivered through email that you send yourself through this site. This creates a safe and confidential platform that encourages candid responses.

What does the Company-Wide Profile that is broken down into Department results provide?

Think of the profile as a bucket. Inside each bucket are 3 surveys. So you actually get three on-line surveys for the same company and departments for one overall profile investment. The Company-wide and Department Profile also gives you a price break based on how many profile packages you want. This is important for Consultants who serve multiple clients.

The first survey in the profile gives you reliable information on how to leverage your company culture and department strengths for improvement. Then develop and deliver your department and culture improvement training or intervention.

In six months to a year,  resurvey that same company and departments to determine what positive change has developed. Compare your first two reports. Your second survey then points out new opportunities for growth and development.

Deliver another targeted training or  intervention and then six months to a year survey your company and departments again and compare.

Research shows training and workforce development needs to transfer to improved skills and attitudes to be effective. The TIGERS Workforce Behavioral Profile three in one approach helps you track and measure your workforce improvements over time rather than in a one time event. It helps you measure your training and team intervention transference to improved skills and attitudes and ultimately the return on your team improvement investments. Then compare these changes with improvements in your profit and loss statement. You will be happy to see how improvements in one are of your company support improvements company-wide.

Give your company the edge it needs today by building a work culture with departments that know how to cooperate for the good of your company. We know that salary and financial incentives aren’t enough. Good employees also want a safe, diverse, and positive work environment.

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