An easy, tested online survey system for your corporate team building and work culture assessment 

A winning team culture is hard to build. But when you achieve it, it’s priceless.

Your team may indeed be on its way to peak efficiency, but you have to evaluate early and often to know the “just-in-time” training and development activities that will benefit your team when members are most receptive. With the TIGERS Team Survey™ you can avoid predictable pitfalls and track your team’s progress over time.

The TIGERS Team Survey™ is not for just the hopelessly dysfunctional team.

colorwheelEven a group that performs with some harmony could stand to benefit from six collaborative principles that reach the heart of any cooperative effort.

The TIGERS® Team Survey is a simple, web-based system designed to help you monitor team behavior that is influenced by six principles required for high performance team dynamics and work environments. These principles are trust, interdependence, genuineness, empathy, risk and success.

This researched-based team system alerts you early, before performance issues disrupt your goals. There are three surveys in each survey package that provide on-target evaluations for your corporate team building and change management events to help your teams succeed more quickly. Then you can use your other two surveys to compare your team’s development success over time.

In just a few short months and with your on-target training and development solutions, your team will experience results that lower frustration and prevent conflict at work. You will find members of your team more cooperative and better equipped to meet their goals when you have the information you need to provide on-target training and development indicated by your survey results.

When team members compete rather than collaborate, various dysfunctions surface.  These dysfunctions prevent the team from meeting its goals and, even worse, can pop up unexpectedly. The TIGERS Team Survey will help you end that problem before it begins.


 The TIGERS® online survey system identifies those six collaborative principles that help most teams meet their goals with high levels of cooperation and mutual support.

 TIGERS diagram

 A Thorough Approach

At TIGERS Success Series, Inc. we understand that success is a process. We don’t expect one survey to solve the problems facing your team.

Our three survey series guides your team through an enlightening development process that features the timely information you need to develop the right team building training and interventions that correct behavior before it disrupts team assignments and relationships. We believe no team should endure the conflicts and misunderstandings so many teams face at work.

The information revealed by the TIGERS Team Survey™ takes all the guess work out of how to support your team while giving you an accurate, candid snapshot of team perceptions.

successThe TIGERS Team Survey™ helps you assess your team’s performance with new levels of precision.

And the TIGERS Team Survey™ helps you:

  1. Identify which collaborative values and supporting behaviors will immediately correct your team process to support the successful achievement of your organization’s values, mission and goals.
  2. Identify where to focus your attention, time and training budget to achieve high levels of team performance without the guesswork most teams face.
  3. Minimize the frustration and conflict good employees face when they do not know how to correct simple, common sense procedures
  4. Track and measure the improvements you make so that your group development progress is timely, sensible, easy to maintain and does not require painful change to implement

The TIGERS Team Survey™ passed a rigorous evaluation process and is both valid and reliable.

 Three Surveys, One Goal

genuineness-graphThe first survey acts as a baseline. You will discover the areas in which your team performs strongest and areas that need work.

The easy-to-understand progress report offers corrective suggestions for team improvement. Think of it as a roadmap to more productive teamwork.  

After six months to a year you can use your second survey to track your progress and assess the return on your company team building investment. A second progress report compares your team’s improvement against the baseline and shows the next developmental steps to take. A third survey again compares your team’s progress so teams resolve any lingering problems and enjoy success.

If your workforce or work group is larger than eight people, the TIGERS Team Survey baseline and two comparison surveys take the guesswork out of team building and work culture improvement. We account for all plateaus and pitfalls so you can stick with the program and focus your training resources where they matter most.

 Seasoned Team Leadership Coaching

Whether you have been building teams for a while or have just recently accepted your position as leader, TIGERS Success Series, Inc. is here to help. And, while all TIGERS Team Surveys are self-directed and easy to understand, some leaders may appreciate additional insight.

If you would like to discuss your survey results, you can contact the TIGERS® staff and rely on our guidance team to help you on your path to success. You will have access to an experienced TIGERS® coach to talk you through the survey results and act as a personal guide through the various team building steps.

 Achievable Goals Using The TIGERS Team Survey

 Every team’s story is different. The TIGERS Team Survey is designed to address the most common workforce cooperation problems and provide effective solutions to resolve them. Common cooperation problems impact:

  • Planning and consensus building
  • Task delegation
  • Role collaboration
  • Trust building
  • Risk management
  • Team communication
  • Team problem solving  
  • Team culture health
  • Conflict resolution and team harmony
  • Team project delivery
  • Team efficiency
  • Success

If your team faces problems with any of these important team functions, the TIGERS Team Survey is a correct solution. Get started now to accelerate your team’s performance.