Added Support

The TIGERS Workforce Behavioral Profile Web Portal is set up with intuitive processes and downloadable PDF documentation that guide survey administrators through the steps of setting up a survey and compiling the report findings.

We also know that there are times when new assessment administrators might want to streamline their survey set up process, which includes branding the survey to their own organization. So we added additional services based on these options on a per survey basis.

Survey Administration Support

For added survey administration support, our profile developer is on hand to assist you with your survey administration questions and requirements. Your requests for assistance are responded to within 24 hours of purchase so phone or Skype conferencing can be scheduled.

Post Survey Review With A TIGERS Licensed Coach

Perhaps, new survey administrators would want a licensed TIGERS Coach to review post survey results over the phone or Skype with them. Requests for post survey reviews are responded to within 24 hours so a coaching call can be scheduled. A copy of the report for the TIGERS Coach to review is required in advance of the scheduled coaching call.

Everyone knows that training and workforce develop must to transfer to improved skills and attitudes to be effective. The TIGERS Workforce Behavioral Profile three-in-one approach helps you track and measure your team improvements over time rather than a one time event. It helps you measure your training and intervention transference to improved skills and attitudes and ultimately the return on your team improvement investments.

Give your company the edge it needs today. The Added Support Option is available to serve your needs.

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